Paper Dollhouse

London-based duo Paper Dollhouse approached me to create an online home for their unique exploration of warped, cinematic techno noisescapes.


Conscious of striking a balance between the atmospheric mood of their music and the practical requirements of the website, I created a dark, fluid-grid layout paired with bold typography, smooth loading animations and subtle page transitions throughout. The result is a site that is easy to navigate and accessible across desktop and mobile devices while still staying engaging and consistent with the band's minimal, avant guard aesthetic.

Having already established a presence on Soundcloud, a custom Soundcloud player was designed to integrate with the new site, leveraging the benefits the platform as well as retaining play counts and analytics that would otherwise be lost or cannibalised by using duplicate self-hosted audio files. The site is built with a simplified Wordpress dashboard to allow for basic updates of new content by the band as needed. Currently in development.