The Columbus Building

The Columbus Building is 160,000 sq ft of contemporary office space with affordable river views in Central London.

As part of a comprehensive refurbishment of the building, a new name, identity and positioning were created to convey the offering as a modern and collaborative work space, attracting potential tenants that would perhaps not ordinarily consider Canary Wharf as an option. I was lead designer on the project with deliverables including; identity, website and accompanying marketing brochure, illustrated maps and local lifestyle photography. Completed at Stepladder for Canary Wharf. Website featured on Site Inspire

Identity design

Inspired by views of the neighbouring Thames and the local riverside lifestyle, the identity was designed to speak to this more modern, current positioning. A suite of pastel pop colours are used throughout and playful illustrations for the area and location maps were commissioned from London illustrator Andrew Joyce. New local area photography was also commissioned, with a clear brief to capture a personal, youthful, lifestyle-driven perspective of the surrounding area and people.


A fully responsive website was designed and developed inline with this new positioning. Bold, colourful and dynamic page layouts are used to showcase the new lifestyle photography and key messaging while blog-style content design and integration of the company Twitter feed keep the site feeling current and updated. Fullscreen background video on the homepage, subtle load transitions and SVG animations throughout, further reinforcing the dynamic and creative positioning of the offering.


Extra attention was given to testing and exploring options on how to best display the building floor plans within the technical section of the site. A key function of property marketing websites, the floor plan section is often difficult to use due to poor UX and lack of consideration given to responsiveness and mobile accessibility. After testing different navigation patterns and options, an 'accordion' style layout was chosen to house the floor plans. This proved to be the most effective solution, flexible enough to house all of the necessary information across both desktop and mobile.